Accept, Trust and Allow

Author: admin, March 19, 2013

Accept where you are at, i.e. what you are thinking/feeling and what is happening right now. Fighting it by being angry, disappointed, fearful or sad won’t change anything.  When we accept and explore we can start to identify options.  Identify what you have and don’t have control over.  Work with what you can control.  What is your positive intention?  What can you do right now?

Trust in you, in your skills, instincts and in God.  Worry won’t deliver anything but anxiety and doubt.  When we trust in ourselves and God, inspiration always comes.  Ask for guidance.  Act on the inspiration.

Allow the Universe to deliver.  If you’d done all you can, stay in the present and allow the results to unfold.  Our timing is not Divine timing.  Be observant and patient.

Always be grateful for the many gifts in your life and for yourself.


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