Business Coaching

The purpose of coaching is to empower people to become more resourceful and achieve their goals.  Typically coaching customers are:

  • “stuck” in a particular situation/pattern of behaviour or thought, i.e. un-resourceful with certain people, lack confidence, self-esteem, motivation or focus.
  • Newly redundant and struggling with the shock of losing their job but also worrying about how they will find another job in the current economic climate.

Once the person has identified what he/she wants to achieve, then that becomes of focus of the coaching.

Firstly, we explore how the person perceives the situation that is challenging him/her, how he/she responds and then we work to install resources so that his/her response changes, new choices are identified and the challenge disappears.

Coaching takes place on the phone or one-2-one, whichever is convenient for the person.  Coaching sessions are one hour and depending on the challenge, a person may require anywhere between 2-6 sessions.  Usually at the end of each coaching session, there are objectives agreed with the person to achieve prior to the next session.  This mechanism assists and speeds up the change/learning process.

All coaching sessions are strictly confidential even if an organisation is funding the coaching program.

Where an organisation is funding the coaching for an employee, prior to commencement of the coaching, there is a needs assessment and objective setting contract agreed between the organisation, the employee and myself.  Following completion of the coaching there is a review/results meeting between the organisation, the employee and myself to ensure that the targets have been achieved.