Business Training

I design bespoke training programs to meet the needs of the business using the principles of Marketing, Business Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Initially, I meet with Management to understand the business, explore the culture, identify what isn’t working and what they want to achieve and from that I design the training.  Understanding the business and the culture helps me to communicate with the delegates in a way they’re accustomed to and use examples that are relevant to their business experience.

My style of training is to create the environment where people identify their solutions as opposed to lecturing them, so workshops are a lively mix of information, participation, discussion, demonstrations, case studies, exercises/role-plays and fun.

All Ciúnas programs are very practical and focused.

Examples of these programs:

  • Trainers’ Training to enhance presentation, rapport & communication skills
  • Management / leadership skills
  • Life / work balance
  • “Re-focus your business”
  • Customer Services
  • Marketing
  • Marketing for Small Businesses
  • Assertiveness and effective communication
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness
  • Time management, e.g. “Work Smarter, not Harder”

I also design training programs for the County Enterprise Boards who target small – medium sized businesses.  Because we don’t know who will attend the program, I design a general outline which can be modified once I meet the delegates.  Usually County Enterprise Board trainings take place over a number of evening workshops which is an ideal format when modification is necessary.  On the first night I assess the specific needs of the group and then modify the detail of the program for the remaining workshops.

Recent Training for Leitrim County Enterprise Board

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