Happiness is not some magic potion, you can be happy doing the most menial task. The key is your perception and approach, are you making yourself do it (a chore) or choosing to do it?

Chore language:      I have to, I must, I should.

Choice language:     I love to, I want to, I can, I will.

Chore emotions:     Resentment is very common.  Anger and irritability.  Drained, dis-empowered and disappointed.

Choice emotions:    Fun, Enjoyment, Empowerment, Success, Achievement…………..

Chore time zone:    Generally people doing chores are not in the present.  They are thinking about something else, or feeling negative.  They are dis-engaged from what they are doing.

Choice time zone:   Generally people who are doing what they chose to do are in the present and totally aware of what they are doing.  They are “engaged”.

Chore quality:         If you’re resentful because you don’t want to do it but decide you have to do it anyway, and your mind isn’t focused, then you’ve probably not completed it very well.

Choice quality:        I’m enjoying this, I’m totally aware of what I’m doing so I’m doing it to the best of my ability and with a good heart.

Chore Impact:        A healthy approach to a day of chores would be to give yourself a treat for your efforts and appreciate all that you achieved.  Often, though, the impact of too much chores is boredom, avoidance, substance abuse ( including food!), irritability and generally feeling miserable.  Often the irritability gets taken out on other people who really don’t deserve it.

Choice Impact:       A day of doing what you chose to do leads to feelings of well-being, empowerment and success.

We all have chores but we can choose what chores are essential, useful and necessary.  We can also choose to do chores with a good heart and for the good of others.  If you identify your “absolutely essential chores” and compare them to the chores you actually do in a day – are there chores that you do because:

  • You want to feel needed, indispensible and useful?
  • You aren’t good at asking or receiving help from other people?
  • You haven’t learned how to say no?
  • You feel guilty for having fun?
  • You want to prove you can cope?
  • You’re avoiding doing what you really want to do because it’s challenging and doing chores is a good excuse why you can’t do the challenging task?

Always be compassionate.  Give thanks for your learning and all that you achieved today.

Thérèse Hackett, Ciúnas, 086 819 3005


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