Ciúnas 10th Anniversary

Author: admin, February 23, 2010

Ciúnas – 10th Anniversary on 1st March 2010

What a 10 years it’s been – a business plan was written back then but Ciúnas took on a life of its own through the people I met and the experiences I had.  I know now that life is meant to be fun and along the way we have much learning to do in order to create that fun.

Because of our past negative or painful experiences we made some very bizarre decisions about what we believe we can and can’t do.  Pain often makes us feel powerless and then we start believing that’s who we are.  When something happens, there’s the event, our perception of it and our response to it.  We can’t change the event but we can definitely control our perception and response to it.  Unfortunately sometimes we adopt the perception and response of those who influence us, as opposed to determining our own perception and response.  This is where the “rot of powerlessness can set in”.  After a while the “rot” seems the “norm” and we begin to believe that’s how we are, but is it our truth?  Much of our emotional development is complete by the time we’re 7 years old – that development can be wonderful or not, depending on who or what influenced our decisions about ourselves.

We don’t always realize how powerful we are so to create our dreams we have to challenge some of those “dodgy” beliefs we adopted.  Over the past 10 years, I’ve had to “delete” a few “lies” that I thought were true and what a relief to discover, I’m much more than what I first believed.

When I decided to create Ciúnas, I wanted to have a business that allowed me to do what I love, generated a comfortable income, that I could do anywhere in the world.  I’m still in the process of refining those goals.  I love what I do, and love what doing what I do teaches me about myself and life.  The income is sometimes “comfortable” and sometimes not, a bit more learning about creating abundance is required but oh I can see the progress!  The more I realize my own power, the more I generate “comfortable” income.  I have, however, generated much abundance that isn’t just money.  As regards to working anywhere in the world, if starting in Dublin and moving to Carrick-on-Shannon counts, then I’m “moving”.  One thing I do know is that change is constant – we can’t stand still so embrace change.

I’m very grateful to all the support I’d had over the years – the faith people put in me when I hadn’t as much faith – I so appreciate that.  Why is it that we see power in other people before we can see and appreciate it in ourselves?  People often credit me with “changing their lives” and yes I had input but I can only work with the “material” I’m given.  As the saying goes “you can take the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.

Over these 10 years, I’ve acquired a huge respect for people and their amazing spirits.  People have this huge capacity to survive, what often sounds “un-survivable”.  Despite the most awful pain, people keep going and don’t give up – they just know instinctively that life can get better and when they discover that if they change their attitude, then they attract “better” – that’s the miracle of the human spirit.  I love meeting those “spirits”.

So where to now – more of everything thank you……… more fun, more learning, more abundance, more spirit and more power!

People often ask me how to fight negativity – there’s a lot of it around!

  • Stop listening to the “external” negativity and making it your own
  • Do an internal stock-take of your abilities and talents
  • Appreciate those abilities and talents and notice when you use them and their impact on people and situations
  • Give thanks all the time for all the great things in your life (and if your now saying, “there’s no great things” – Look harder!)
  • Start to notice the gifts you receive on a daily basis – it could be a friendly smile, a car stopping to let you cross the road, a compliment or someone makes you laugh…………..  These are the simple gifts that we can forget the notice.

Do these things for a while and I guarantee your focus of attention will become more positive and life will get better incrementally. You’ll become more open to seeing your opportunities.

Here’s something I’ve learned and sometimes forgot and had to relearn about manifesting desires and dreams:

  • Set your intention positively
  • Put it “out there” to the Universe
  • Don’t absorb the fears/concerns of others – what is your truth, what is right for you?
  • Clear your own fears and doubts about your ability to deliver your desire
  • Clear any fear you may have about receiving your desire
  • Ensure you 100% believe you deserve your desire and that it fits with your sense of yourself
  • Demonstrate your faith in your desire
  • Identify and do all the actions you can to deliver the desire, and in doing so, allow your creativity to flourish without judgment.
  • Trust your intuition – if it feels right in your gut, then it is right.
  • Relax and allow the Universe to do it’s “bit”
  • Keep the faith
  • Keep your eyes open – opportunities can present themselves in very unusual ways
  • Receive graciously and be grateful
  • Give joyful thanks all the time.

Have fun and here’s to another wonderful 10 years of Ciúnas.



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