Focus & Rhythm

Author: admin, February 2, 2010

Many events have happened in my life that have inspired and changed me.  I’ve experienced the power of creativity and how I can always learn something new if I chose too.  The following are some of those stories.

Focus & Rhythm

In August 2009 my partner Paul and I went to Arizona, USA for a holiday.  Arizona is a very special place for us and every time we go, we come back renewed by the experience.   We particularly enjoy Monument Valley, Az and Valley of the Gods which is just across the border in Utah.  Beside Valley of the Gods is the Gooseneck canyon which we decided to walk one morning. The path was an old miner’s path dug out of the side of the canyon.  We were told it’s about a two and a half hour walk to the bottom.  Initially we were only going to walk down half way because after that the path got narrower and steeper in places.  The half way point was easily identified by a big flat rock jutting out over the canyon.


The Trail

Looking down at the river below and having walked this far without any trouble made us want to go to the bottom so off we set with Paul leading the way at a very easy pace.  At first it was ok but then the path did get steep and narrower, about 2 feet wide with the wall of the canyon on one side and a drop to the river on the other.

My mind started to race and imagine all sorts of horrible things, like “what if I slip, what if Paul falls how will I find help, how will I get him back up the mountain” etc (the canyon was in the middle of nowhere and it took a while to find the trail head – I didn’t know my way back to where we were staying and there wasn’t a house or town for at least a 30 minute drive).  My eye kept being drawn to the river and I felt like was leaning towards it, this made me stumble and get more fearful.  I was driving myself nuts!  Paul tried to distract me by chatting.  Every time Paul suggested we go back, I said “no, lets go a bit further”.  After about two hours, I looked up as we turned a corner and saw this really narrow path ahead that meandered down to the river and I just sat down and said “I’m not walking that”!  We were only 15 minutes from the bottom but I couldn’t face that path so I encouraged Paul to go to the bottom and get the photo!!


The Gooseneck, Utah, USA

Off he went and I sat watching him and then it dawned on me as I watched how he walked, head bowed, focused on the path, walking in a very steady rhythm, one foot firmly placed in front of the other that I had to see how he did that – his focus and rhythm.  He didn’t look ahead for danger, he didn’t stumble he just put one foot in front of the other in a very steady rhythm.

I looked back at the path I’d just walked and realized it was the same width as was ahead and I realized I’d let my fears cripple me.  I’d visualized a horrible future instead of focusing on the present and getting on with the job.

As we walked up,  I controlled my mind with the mantra, focus and rhythm.  I just watched Paul’s feet and kept that pace and focus, I never stumbled once, it was an exhilarating walk back up that canyon and even though I didn’t go to the bottom, I was very close, I had to stop to get my lesson – focus and rhythm.

I realized it’s the same mantra required in every project – stay in the now, know what you need to do and do it with focus and rhythm.



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