How to Fight Negativity

Author: admin, February 19, 2010
  • Stop listening to the “external” negativity and making it your own or applying it to your situation
  • The definition of crazy is; “doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome”.  If something you’re doing isn’t working in the current environment, change it or do something completely different.
  • If you are worrying or fearful, then it’s impossible to be creative or identify options or solutions. 
  • Try this:  Imagine there is a movie screen in front of you and see you on the movie screen doing what you are doing, i.e. worrying or generally feeling stuck and fearful.  As you watch the movie of you, ask yourself, what that you in the movie could do differently.  Then observe that you in the movie doing the “different thing(s)” and see what happens, how do the feelings change?  Then test the option(s) for real and feel the difference. 
  • Fear tends to feel like we have no options or choices which isn’t true – we always have choices.  When we “detach” or “stand back from something”, clarity comes.
  • When you worry, ask yourself, are you in the present/now or future?  Usually people answer that they are “in the future”.  Therefore, when you worry you are imagining negative things happening in the future, and what is really crazy about that, is that you actually respond and act on those imaginings!  STOP!  Fear is not real – it’s imagined!  Come back to the present and ask yourself; what do I need to do right now?
  • Identify what you have control of in your life, we have no control over our Government or our Banks, but we do have control over ourselves, our wellbeing, our thinking, our choices and our actions.  So what are your choices and what can you do?
  • Do an internal stock-take of your abilities and talents
  • Appreciate those abilities and talents and notice when you use them and their impact on people and situations
  • Give thanks all the time for all the great things in your life (and if your now saying, “there’s no great things” – Look harder!)
  • Start to notice the gifts you receive on a daily basis – it could be a friendly smile, a car stopping to let you cross the road, a compliment or someone makes you laugh…………..  These are the simple gifts that we can forget the notice.  Noticing them changes our perception of our environment
  • Stay in the now.  This can be a challenge so to help you, try this:  See what you see around your right now, hear what you hear around you right now and feel what you feel right now.  This little exercise brings you back to the now. 

Do these things for a while and I guarantee your focus of attention will become more positive and life will get better incrementally. You’ll become more open to seeing your opportunities.



One Response to “How to Fight Negativity”

  1. Steve paquet Says:

    What about living in the past? My partner seems to indulge too much in the negative aspects; will not reliquish it, and makes us miserable most of the time with the endless barage of my indiscretions of the past, present, and future events—if that were possilbe—thinking it will make himself feel better. Is there a tool I can used to countermand this assault? Please reply, I should greatly appreciate the advise. I have told him over-en-over-again that the past isn’r relevent, but he makes sure that I re-live my mistakes in infinitem. Maybe I should take my own advise and get out of this nowhere relationship.