Peace & Reconciliation


  • To release the impact of trauma
  • To empower people to create a new life and career options
  • To build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To forgive what previously was considered unforgivable To accept that which cannot be changed and move forward in life
  • To identify career and life goals
  • To develop effective communication skills

This personal development training program combines the principles of business coaching and one-2-one therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Spirituality and Marketing.  It is designed to assist the individual find his/her solution because each individual is unique and deep down knows what’s best for his/her life.

This complete program takes the participants on a journey of self-discovery, release, forgiveness, acceptance and change.  It challenges old negative beliefs and emotions, builds self-esteem and moves people to positive action.  It changes lives.

This program is divided into twelve 3-hour modules, delivered over a period of twelve weeks.  Each half-day session is a mix of information, questions, interaction and fun and finishes with a call to immediate action.  It can be delivered over six weeks, i.e. 2 modules per week but that is very intense.  One module a week gives people time to absorb the learning and try new things.