What is Spirituality?  For me, it means the very big picture, why I’m here, what I’m meant to do and experience and how to create my desires.  Spirituality helps me to understand why certain things happen to me and not to others.  It’s a perception of life.

Spirituality, to me, means I create my life – all of it, the good and the bad and from that experience, I have a choice of perception and response.  I can chose to see the bad result or look closer and realise what I had to learn in order to move forward.  Spirituality gives meaning and understanding to my life.  It gives me freedom from being caught up in the humdrum details of life.  I see potential and possibility where previously I would have perceived negativity.  I always have a choice and that empowers me.

We spend a great deal of time responding to situations instead of taking time to design and be proactive in our lives.  Spirituality makes me proactive and consequently more powerful.  Yes bad things happen in my life, that are outside my control, but I always have control over how I perceive and react to those experiences.  I always have a choice.

I harness the power of my spirit to improve my life and I can see and experience the results and the peace.

I’ve met many great spiritual teachers and therapists but the teacher who most influenced me was Claire O’Flaherty and for meeting her and for her teaching, I will always be very grateful.

Books that have inspired me hugely are any of the books written by “Esther & Gerry Hicks, The Teachings of Abraham”.  Applying the teachings in these books has made a huge impact on my life.