If you are waiting for your situation/environment to improve so that you feel better about yourself, you’ve put yourself in a very “powerless and stressful” place.

Stress is a energy – another way to describe “energy” is a “mood”. Thoughts create energy.

When we feel good about ourselves no matter what’s happening around us – that’s empowerment.

We all talk about the negativity, anger, blame and complaints that bring us down (maybe we’re the negative ones?).  When we’re in that energy/mood of powerlessness, our perspective is very fearful and we want to be rescued.  It’s impossible to be creative.  Our behaviour can become very “headless chicken”, starting lots of jobs and finishing nothing, we can even get dizzy.   Our immune systems are weakened.  We worrying about the future and are physically exhausted, drained and probably irritable.

If you recognize that energy/mood in yourself, stop, and think about how you can change it. 

(One popular energy/mood changer is alcohol – it doesn’t work because when we’re sober again, nothing has changed).

Become aware of your own energy – make it part of your daily routine.  The Buddhists call this “Mindfulness” (check out the Wikipedia definition).

When I say, change the energy/mood, I mean do things that will change your perspective, bring clarity, stimulate creativity and give you energy and wellbeing.  Examples are:

  • Stay in the present (read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle).    Worry is future orientated and when we imagine negative pictures in the future (what if ……… happens?) we modify ourselves to accommodate that “What if”.  So consequently you’re reacting to something that isn’t real and hasn’t happened.  STAY IN THE PRESENT:
    • What is happening right now?
    • What’s possible right now?
    • What resources and skills have I right now and what can I do with them?
    • What choices do I have right now?
  • Exercise – stimulates endorphins, the natural healing system in the body.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Consider take probiotics and vitamins if you’re constantly exhausted.
  • Listen to music.
  • Meditation, Massage, Reflexology, Healing, Therapy.
  • A change of scene, e.g. a holiday or a day off, a night out, a long walk on the beach, etc.
  • Laugh – it’s a necessity!  Laughter stimulates endorphins which increase our wellbeing.

Explore what could change your mood for you.

I believe that managing our energy/mood (mindfulness) is as essential as getting up in the morning, because if you feel good, then your perspective will be positive and you’ll be more creative and productive.   Try it for a week and I guarantee things will change for you.  Your family will appreciate it too!!

Always be compassionate.  Give thanks for your learning and all that you achieved today.

Thérèse Hackett, Ciúnas, 086 819 3005


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