What’s the solution?

Review your day.  Acknowledge all you achieved today.

Identify the challenge that triggered the “bad day” feeling. If it was an interaction with someone try the following steps:

Find a quiet place, take a few deep breaths and either with your eyes opened or closed;

  1. Imagine there is a movie screen in front of you.  On the screen watch the challenging interaction between you and the other person as if it was a movie.
  2. Imagine stepping into the you in the movie and experience what it’s like interacting with this person?  What is your intention?  What is your perception of yourself and what does that make you feel about yourself?
  3. Now, imagine stepping into the other person in the movie and experience what it’s like interaction with you?  What is the person’s intention?  What is the person’s perception and what does that make the person feel?
  4. Step out of the movie and be an independent observer of the movie.  What observations do you have and what advice do you have for the you in the movie?
  5. Step back into the you in the movie, bringing all the observations and advice with you.  What is it like now being with this person?
  6. Step into the other person and feel what it’s like to interact with the you now?
  7. Step out of the movie and consider what you have learned and how you can apply that learning in future.

Remember the project you were working on – can you use this learning as you continue with your project?

Give thanks for your learning and all that you achieved today.

Therese Hackett, Ciúnas, 086 819 3005


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