Some people think creativity is only applicable to artists and musicians but everyone is creative.  It’s that aspect of us that finds a new way to solve a problem or has an idea.

We create our lives through our choices, decisions and actions.  When we really accept this, we become the power in our lives.  Yes events happen that are outside our control, but we create our response to those events and those responses create an impact.

The definition of crazy is; doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome”.  How can you use your creativity to design the change that makes your project succeed?

Think of a time when you were creative; perhaps when you implemented a great idea or you solved a problem.  As you relive that experience, ask yourself:

  •  What was the motivator of your creativity?
  • Before you even came up with the idea or solution, what did you believe about you?  What did you believe was possible?  How much time did you give yourself?  Did you ask for help?  If so, what was the response and what did you do with that?
  • When you got the idea or the solution, what did that feel like?
  • What did you do next?
  • Did it work immediately or require further honing?
  • When the idea/solution was fully operational, how good did that feel?  How did it change things for you?

Now review your project, is there anything in the above answers that you can use to keep you motivated and focused?

Does your project need any adjustment to accommodate your discoveries?

What could you do differently?

What have you achieved so far that warrants acknowledgment?

NOTE:  Over the years I set myself many goals, some happened quickly, some took years, and others haven’t materialized yet!  Often I doubted myself and the entire “goal setting strategy”.  This is what I’ve learned:

  • Some goals I thought I wanted wouldn’t have been good for me, e.g. remember some of those relationships you thought you couldn’t live without!
  • Some goals “failed” but once I accepted this outcome as “feedback” and I learnt what I needed to learn, the goal was modified accordingly and I achieved that goal.
  • Some goals take time – a lot of time!  Why – because we aren’t ready for them yet!  This was my most important learning.  Divine timing not my timing!

 Always be compassionate.  Give thanks for your learning and all that you achieved today.

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