Tips on: Motivation; Perseverance

Author: admin, February 7, 2012

The Oxford Thesaurus:  “Insistence, dedication, tenacity, dogged determination, resolve, commitment, patience, diligence, purposefulness”  “perseveres in spite of discouraging setbacks”.  I could go on and on.

What knocks perseverance out of us?  For me, it’s worry, fear, dread, feeling “I can’t do this”, self-doubt, listening to negativity and applying it to my goals and objectives.

Worry/fear and creativity can’t operate at the same time.  Although when you think about it, we’re quite creative at designing the ‘worry/fear pictures’ we imagine!!  Worry/fear drains energy, it leads to tiredness, hopelessness and inactivity.  It is completely useless.  And what’s worse, you respond to those ‘imaginings’ and adjust your actions accordingly.  Worry/fear pictures are always future orientated – they aren’t real, they aren’t happening!!!  However, if you focus on them long enough you will make them real.

If you really believe in what you’re doing (your goal), it’s really important to you and it’s of benefit, then with creativity and perseverance, you’ll find your way.

As I said before, we create our lives through our choices, decisions and actions.  When we really accept this, we become the power in our lives.  Really successful people persevere!  They have ‘tunnel vision’ and they believe they will achieve despite challenges.

So for today, let’s apply perseverance to what you’re trying to create.  First get into “the present, the now, today”.  A good technique for getting “into the now” is to:

  • look around you and see every detail in your current environment
  • listen to every sound around you
  • feel your environment, the general atmosphere, the ground beneath your feet or if you’re sitting, the chair around you
  • take a deep breath and imagine you’re connecting to the centre of the earth and become aware of being in your body.

Imagine connecting to your creativity – ideas, possibilities, invention.

  • Do a stock-take of all your talents and resources, list them
  • Remember a time when you were using those talents and resources and notice how good it feels
  • Appreciate those talents and resources
  • Brainstorm new ways you could use those talents and resources, write everything down
  • Focus on your goal, whether it’s a personal goal or a work goal.  What can you do right now, today?
  • What longer term actions can you implement?
  • Start those actions today.

Personally, I consciously ‘get present’ every morning.  When I do that, I develop a positive perspective and consequently have a very productive, focused day.

Always be compassionate.  Give thanks for your learning and all that you achieved today.

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