Tips on: Motivation

Author: admin, January 23, 2012

Projects happen when; we feel positive about ourselves, have the desire, self-belief and focus, we notice our successes, we have positive expectation, we’re creative and we take action.

It doesn’t matter what our project is; lose weight, get a job, develop a new business strategy, get healthy or restart a halted project, the above remains true.

How do you get positive when you’re negative or you’ve been challenged?

If you’ve been challenged, identify; is the challenge of your own making or is it outside your control?  If you created the challenge then:

  • Accept that you created it. STOP beating yourself up, be compassionate, this is an opportunity to learn something new about yourself.
  • Review the decisions you made that created this challenge
  • Identify what motivated those decisions?
  • If you had the choice again, what new decisions would you make?
  • How can you use this information to move forward?

If the challenge is outside your control, let it go.  Trying to control that which we have no control over leads to powerlessness.

Always ask yourself, what can I do right now/today?  Sometimes you can’t think of anything, then leave it for a while, do something different and see what pops into your head later.

Remember:  there’s no such thing as failure, it’s just feedback to learn from.

Get positive:

Take time to look at your life and notice all the really good stuff in it and the part you played in creating that stuff.

Notice what aspects of your life works really well – appreciate your success.

Identify what you really enjoy doing and how good you are at it.

  • How do you do that, identify the steps involved?
  • What skills do you employ when doing it?
  • What do you believe about you as you do it?
  • What motivates you to keep doing it?

Now review your project, is there anything in the above answers that you can use to keep you motivated and focused?

Does your project need any adjustment to accommodate your discoveries?

What could you do differently?

What have you achieved so far that warrants acknowledgment?

 (Next week, I discuss creativity in terms of delivering our projects.)

 Always be compassionate.  Give thanks for your learning and all that you achieved today.

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