When drastic change happens such as redundancy or business closing, we need to get back to basics and work with who we are as opposed to what we’ve got.  Change is a constant and is often outside of our control, how we adapt, though, is totally within our control.

If, like many people, you are considering starting your own business, where do you start? The following are some pointers:

  •  Take a little time to step back and assess your situation and options.
  • Identify what you learned from your last job/business that will be useful to you in your future.
  • Make a list all your achievements in your life so far.
  • In order to deliver those achievements, you used your talents, skills and resources.  List those. (A talent could be; calm under pressure, creativity, etc. Skills are learned; qualifications, great sales skills, etc.  Resources; contacts, your support network, a redundancy package, a premises, the internet etc.   The reason I suggest compiling these lists is to build your confidence and realise all you have achieved over the years.
  • From this list, identify:
  • What comes naturally to you?
  • What do you love doing?
  • What are you passionate about?  (While” necessity is the mother of invention”, it’s easier to do a job you love and are passionate about).

Imagine you are completely free to do whatever you want to do:

  • What would that be?
  • What would be your ideal lifestyle?
  • Would you work part-time or full-time?
  • Where would you be, Ireland or abroad?

Do you need training in order to achieve your ideal job?  Check out your local Enterprise Board, VEC, Colleges and see what training is available that would fit with your idea.

  •  Consider how your new idea impacts you and your family/lifestyle?  How might your family support you?
  •  Review some of the financial commitments you made when times were good, are they still realistic?
  • What are the essential financial outgoings and what aren’t?
  • What changes need to be implemented?

When you have some clarity consider meeting a business coach (I’m not just saying that because I am one – but a coach’s role is to help you tease out what works best for you and to identify short-term and long-term objectives, this process with save you time).  Friends and family are great to talk to but they can have a vested interest, a coach is completely impartial.

Therese Hackett, Ciunas, 086 819 3005


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